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Full biography of Hausa rapper, Dj AB


Full biography of Hausa rapper, Dj AB

Full biography of Hausa rapper, Dj AB


Here’s the full biography of prolific Hausa rapper, Dj AB. Haruna Abdullahi professionally known as Dj AB is a Kaduna born artist who was born 30 December 1993. Dj AB obtained his JSCE and SSCE from Federal Government College, Kaduna State afterwards then he was admitted into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he studied B.Sc. Quantity Survey and graduated in the year 2021. Additionally Dj AB didn’t just focus on western education he also attended islamic school where he graduated before going to Senior class. Dj AB is his mother’s first born and his father’s fourth born. He has 10 brothers and 7 sisters which makes a total of 17 siblings.



DJ AB Started writing songs since when he was a child at the age of 14 where he watched so many artists from abroad which got him more inspired and motivated as he grew up to discover he has the talent and he can do it as in the year 2011 he started a record label named Y.N.S (YARAN NORTH SIDE) with his brothers and some of his friends.


Brothers: Jigsaw & Feezy


Friends: Teeswagg, Proxy boy (Zayn Africa), Skimmy and others who aren’t into music now (that’s they’ve quiet it)




Dj AB’s father also supported him and his brothers in the musical journey which he contributed in providing the necessary and essential music equipment where they started their mini studio at home, making songs with friends. In 2015 Dj AB first received widespread exposure after he released a song named “Babarsa”. The song actually gained massive recognition across Nigeria which after a year he released its official video. The recognition came after Babarsa trended for quite long where every Hausa hip hop music lover felt that song so deeply.

As verified Dj AB didt want to release the song at first until a friend adviced him to drop it despite that he didn’t release it until it was leaked that’s when he generally release the song and after the drop of the song, immediately it became a street anthem as the song set to be a catch song that captures the attention of the audience so easily.




As from 2015 that was when Dj AB gained his recognition and became an outstanding artist in the history of Northern Nigeria music industry which afterwards Dj AB drops some highly most listened songs of Dj AB that are still making impact in every angle in the country.


Many people saw Dj AB’s potential and craft both artists and non artists. It was in 2016 when Deezell featured Dj AB together with classiQ on the song “Girma” as Dj AB incredibly shocked the audience with his killer verse and that earned him lots of respect and fans from different states in the country.


Many awards were received by Dj AB:


NORTHERN PANDORA AWARDS (Northern Nigeria best singer of the year 2019 winner)

AREWA ENTERTAINMENT AWARD ( Artist of the year 2019 Nominee)

KADUNA ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS (R&B Artist of the year 2016 nominee)

According to the general audience, Dj AB has never release an album, but going back to the years he spent in the industry, it’s verified that he once dropped an album project labelled “Thug by mixtape” although the album wasn’t released at once with the songs. All songs were released separately, so in a nutshell, Dj AB dropped two albums as the second one previously dropped named “Your Fav” in 1st September, 2023.

Before dropping his recent debut album, he dropped an EP of 8 songs called “Supa” which one of the songs from the album “supa supa” features a prominent Nigerian rapper, Mr Eazi. The number of songs Dj AB dropped since day one can’t actually be mentioned but he drops songs like; Babban Yaya, Totally, Babarsa, Yar Boko, Kuma Tu, Lukuti, Yi Rawa, Daban Ne, Supa Supa. These songs became the street anthem as upon till now people are streaming and enjoying the songs.

In all Dj AB’s musical journey he has featured so many talented artists not just from north but who are popular and established in Nigeria. Artists like Ice Prince, Yung 6ix, & Mr Eazi these 3 artists are prominent Nigerian rappers who are well known in the industry. When it comes to North, features heavyweight and prolific lyricists like Drinking Master, Boyskido, Feezy, Zayn Africa & Deezell these are the Northern Nigerian heads that Dj AB ever featured in North.


People been asking questions regarding Dj AB’s marital status, but the truth is that Dj AB has never been married, the only thing that’s revealed is that he’s dating however he didn’t reveal the identity of her for now but possibly in the future as a matter of fact he’s currently living with his family at Kaduna. It’s really obvious that Dj AB has conquered North as every person both Hausa and non Hausa people know about his existence and highly respecting whatever he does without criticising him.


At first Dj AB was better known with rap which later on he switched to afrobeats even though he still rap and also sings afropop. It takes a while Dj AB to be dropping afrobeats project like Yi Rawa, Lukuti & Kuma Tu which all of these songs make an impact in not just Northern Nigeria alone but even abroad people been joining social media challenge.

Currently in Northern Nigeria there’s no artist that has the most highest music streams like Dj AB which he has been maintaining that for a while now. Currently after the drop of his latest newest album, Your Fav, alone on audiomack the album has generated the total of 500,000 total streams which is half a million in 3 days after its release as it has never been done before, in the history of Northern Nigeria music industry and this is why majority of the people called him a king because he’s freakishly good at all he does and what ever he does people get to love it without questioning.

Other digital platforms like, Spotify, Apple Music and the rest are also currently making unimaginable numbers as people who can have access to those platforms been streaming since the album dropped on first September, 2023.

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1 Comment

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    September 9, 2023 at 6:16 pm

    I really love and like him since i don’t know the time

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