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Full biography of Hausa rapper, Deezell


Full biography of Hausa rapper, Deezell

Full biography of Hausa rapper, Deezell


Ibrahim Rufa’i famously known as Deezell is a Nigerian based rapper/actor who was born in the year 1988. He was born in Michigan United States of America which later moves to Nigeria when he was at the age of 5 together with his family however at the age of 17 he moves back to United States to further with his education, music and acting career.



Deezell’s music career started right from his younger age, in an interview the talented rapper said it all started when he was invited for a show by the British council in Kano State.


After performing in the show which earned him accolades he then made up his mind to pursue his music talents.He has released uncountable number of wonderful music with top Nigerian celebrities like DJ Ab, Korede Bello, M.I Abaga, Classic, Ice Prince and others.


With his unique artistry and versatility, Deezell was able to release numerous projects and singles over the years and was able deliver hits. Tracks such as, Girma, Banaji, Baruwan Mu Da Haters and Duk Abun Da Zai Faru Ya Faru has propelled him into spotlight and build him a dedicated fanbase solidifying his presence in the music scene.

Deezell is not just a music artist, Deezell is indeed an entertainer. Aside his music career, Deezell also acts movies showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry. He was futured in numerous Nollywood movies and Kannywood movies further increasing his source of income solidifying his status as a multi talented entertainer.


Deezell’s net worth has immensely grow over the years. His net worth is estimated to be 750,000,000.00 (Seven Hundred and Fifty Million Naira). Judging by his endorsement deals, events performances, collaborations, Youtube monetization and other streaming platforms such as Apple music and Spotify coupled with his entrepreneurial ventures and investments has undoubtedly contributed to his wealth.


Deezell become famous in the arewa music industry because of his consistency and dedication to his craft with his unique style of rap. His ability to infuse hausa and english lyrics got him to where he is today. His targeted audience enjoys his style of music. He has indeed carved a niche for himself.


Ibrahim’s success story and commitment in the music business and entertainment industry has opened him more and more deals across the country and beyond. This indeed is inspirational and undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with

Deezell is a married man with two kids and one wife named Jidda. As disclosed and verified she’s a make-up artist which Deezell met her on Instagram and like a child’s play they started dating since and now they’re finally married with two kinds.


In February 2020, Maryam Booth, a popular actress in the Kannywood industry, accused her ex-boyfriend, Deezell, of leaking a nude video of her.


However, the singer strongly denied these allegations and took legal action against Maryam Booth, stating that she was making false accusations and defaming his character. He sought compensation of N10 million for the damages caused.



In response to Deezell’s lawsuit, Maryam Booth also filed a legal case against him, insisting that he was indeed responsible for leaking the video. She demanded N10 million in damages for the harm caused by the incident.

The controversy surrounding this incident gained significant media attention, attracting public interest. Both parties involved in the case made statements regarding the situation, further intensifying the focus on the matter.


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