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Benefits of digital music distribution to artists (Upcoming & Published Artists)


Benefits of digital music distribution to artists (Upcoming & Published Artists)

Benefits of digital music distribution to artists (Upcoming & Published Artists)

Check out the benefits of using digital music distribution and its importance to the both upcoming and established artists.

The world is changing now and everyday new discovery of technology is being disclosed which has to do with our day to day services because that’s the only way things can be done, so people have to go along with the change even if they don’t want to as that’s the only option to get things done.




The digital music distribution is the most easiest way to get your song where other top and published artist in the world like, WizKid, Davido, Eminem, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Dj AB, ClassiQ and other top celebrities are at. The distribution platforms like, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Boomplay allows your fans and any other person who’s willing to listen to the artist of his choice to listen to their favourite songs their, but the real question is what would that artist benefit from those people that streamed their song? Because surely they have been and they’re still benefiting from that for over the years.


Why Every Artist Should Have Their Own Distribution Account:


Today in Northern Nigeria, upcoming artists aren not giving digital music distribution much importance where some of the artist don’t even know its existence not to talk about having idea (s) on how it works and how it’s beneficial to the whole artist in general. The problem northern artist are having until today is that they underestimate the power and benefit of everything they sees by just a single look without seeking knowledge regarding that thing which is obviously why Northern industry is left behind in term of promotion.


There are many upcoming artists who can even go head to with the published or popular artists but why do you think they have been stuck in one place without any progress since day one? It’s simply because they can’t afford to sacrifice the little they’ve to chase their career, they always believed getting heard is easy which requires not much effort but the truth of the matter is sacrifice must be made in every thing that aims at a goal or big dream.


Digital music distribution is very essential to every Artist who values their career and aiming to turn their dreams to reality. For artists that take music so serious they might know how it works and tend to have their own personal account for it while those that regard it as a fun usually never bother about any possible way which they’ll follow in other to elevate themselves.


The reasons why artist deserve to have their own personal account for digital music distribution is that they can unimaginably benefit from it when their own is just to record the song, distribute it and get paid, how does that sound? Interesting right? Yes that’s how it really works but in details it’s actually more than the general perspective and mentality the upcoming shared these days. It’s crucial to have a distributor that will stand between you and those digital platforms like Amazon, Spotify, Boomplay, Apple Music and the rest because you can’t directly get your songs live their without a distributor.


The moment you’ve a liable distributor then your song shall be distributed to those platforms which were previously mentioned above and the moment you your songs got streamed on every platform like, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Boomplay then you get paid from it and the sweetest part is that all distributors automatically sent out songs to over 150 platforms, so think about it if your song can be streamed on all these 150 platforms, how much do you think you can make with just a single song not talking about a whole album or EP project?


Not just digital platforms there’s social platforms like Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram which your song will also be live their for people to use the sound and do you know that if they you that sound too you’ll get paid? So you can see all you’ve to do is having your distributor at and then get things start to work. Having your song on website for download isn’t bad you can make it available there for those that find it hard to get access to digital stores but artist shouldn’t prioritize website than digital distribution.


As said earlier, website is very easy to get access to and easy for the audience to have your songs from on their phones, but the problem is that you can never get paid when your song gets downloaded on website unlike the digital distribution where the number of your streams determines how much you will get paid for that, digital music distribution is highly recommended for all upcoming artists because that the only way to start Making money from your music as an upcoming artist.


Sit-down and think about this, as an upcoming artist most especially those in North when it comes to Entertainment or anything that has to with entertainment no body pays you because you’re always underrated, upcoming artists will be called for a feature and no deal will be sealed which means the artist responsible for the featuring expects a free verse. When it comes to show performance, the best thing the organizers can is to confirm you as part of those who’ll be performing live their, after that nothing follows it.


No one will pay you for the performance, no-one will sponsor your transport, meal and a place to sleep. You’ve take care of these things yourself, why? Simply because you’re an upcoming artist who’s also seeking promotion, so it will be considered like a favour. The organizers and everyone will consider inviting you to perform as a favour and a promotion too so who would be paying you for your performance? No one… No one would absolutely will.


So it’s crystal clear that the digital music distribution is the only that pays both the upcoming and established artists without being selective or choosing who to pay and not to pay.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. rasheedkiddo

    September 4, 2023 at 10:22 pm

    really apriciate because antabamun inda kemun kai inada bukatar sanin wannan amma wanda zaka tambaya ma babu.Allah ya daukaka arewahitusic

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